[Guide] how I get 15+ million views on linkedin 2019

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“Follow this hacks to grow your reach for only 399$”

Now I laugh when I see such ads for Linkedin Strategy (any other platform)

Let’s go back in 2017, when these things were “real” to me.


2017. September


In this month, I had to make decisions that completely changed me.

Before that I worked as a successful young freelancer (20) and had 1-3 clients per month (80+ finished projects behind me). I do not know how it happened that in the 1 day I had a meeting with 12 different clients (medium size business).

I could not endure and lost everything, I decided that it was time to hire workers and to carry the agency to the next level.

(Without the experience of such a business world, I’m just an ordinary teenager who has been spending every day on the computer since his 6th year, began to charge his knowledge in the 15th year.)

I started to google, how to employ people and everything complete about that sphere.

I heard a couple of years ago that there is a Linkedin platform that serves the business world, but I only had an account made.


2017. October


As a child when rush into the sand, I behaved like that, when I was doing research all over the internet to succeed at Linkedin, read every possible article, advice, forum post etc..

But, there is only one rule, practice/action is the mother of every craft.

The first paid advertisement / message in the inbox came to me as a “job ad” seo specialist.

Again it is happiness or what is already, but at the right time it has come.


2017. November


I accepted the invitation and decided that I wanted to learn more about team work, the agency I started working in was called “KickAss Growth” team of 22 digital marketing experts.

Project manager (Now he is SEO Specialist for Samsung) started a simple daily conversation where he told me that it would be a good idea to devote a little more time to Linkedin because it gives me a lot of new possibilities, I will learn a lot it and have a good experience.

I listened to his advice and started with activity, as everyone started from 0.


journey of thousand miles begins with a single step

I remember when I published the first couple of articles, they had a 2-3 likes and 5 views, it was first moment of happines for me.

Because of my job position, I began to learn more about growth hacking.

Most of the companies we see today (Top 500) are created by this process, it is Research / Analyze / Execute / Monitor/Analyze


2017. December


I decided to leave the agency and return to my freelancer waters but this time to invest time and effort in Linkedin.

Every day I publish and tested every possible detail how they work on Linkedin. (words,timing,mentions,hashtags,format,etc) (don’t worry below is strategy, just keep reading and enjoy)


2018. March


Then, in March, I published my achievements for the past 4 months, exactly this post went “viral”.

Link to post:

More than 500.000+ Views in less 4 days.

With that, I once again confirmed that “I” in myself that everything was possible to achieve on Linkedin.

After that day, I was even more dedicated to Linkedin.

Now I am the one who wants to help others as I needed help at the beginning, so I want to inspire others to absolutely everyone can do this every day, everyone’s will and will work every day.


2018. March – 2019. June (today)


What is my results?

  • 13,000,000+ Views on my posts in 2018.
  • 32,000+ followers
  • 40+ Clients via Linkedin Profile

But Linkedin was something much more valuable to me.

  • He gave me a chance to meet some of my idols in the business world.
  • He gave me a chance to see how the business world works.
  • He gave me a chance to help somebody else at the end of the planet, to change his life by supporting his publications.
  • He gave me a chance to learn new things.
  • He gave me the chance to follow innovations that are not available in country like mine.
  • He showed me how much it is really powerful when many people are joining to help a person without a job.


Here is some of my (most of them) “viral” Gallery:

Chapter II

What is Linkedin?

LinkedIn is a unique social platform with its strong B2B focus.

In my previous research I have found that LinkedIn audiences like practical content and industry trends.

The site is also very career focused, with many users using the site to find jobs, build personal networks and learn how to be more successful.

Thus it is quite different from say Twitter or Facebook, and hence we would expect a different content focus.


Linkedin Statistics 2019?


  • LinkedIn currently has over 610 million members.
  • The network has 303 million active monthly users, 40% of which visit the site daily.
  • 92% of Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn.
  • 77% of recruiters are on LinkedIn.
  • Percentage of LinkedIn Premium users is 39%.
  • Bill Gates is LinkedIn’s most-followed member, with 20,033,291 followers.
  • 97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as a content distribution channel.
  • LinkedIn profiles with photos get 36 times more messages
  • LinkedIn profiles with professional headshots get 14 times more profile views
  • Listing 5 or more skills in your profile will get you up to 17 times more profile views
  • Nearly 28% of LinkedIn visitors come from the US. 6.42% of all traffic to LinkedIn came from India, 5.77% from the UK, and 4.48% from Brazil.
  • LinkedIn employs 14,000 people.

You can read here good post about:

How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works in 2019.


Linkedin Strategy 2019:

 1. Tag people and companies you mention in your posts (using @): Make sure to not over-tag – if

you’re tagging more than 5 people, think hard on whether the post you’re writing is relevant for

them and whether you think they’ll want to comment on it.


2. Collaboration groups: Many people these days are starting groups where people can share

strategies on the platform and can also share their posts to get some early engagement on it

(likes/comments). I wouldn’t rely on these groups but they’re worth having especially on really

important posts (ex. new job/company announcement).

3. Comment on other people’s posts: When making content, don’t think it only comes by you

clicking the post button. Many times, commenting on other people’s posts can be a great way to

get engagement and to get people noticing your profile especially if your comment is well

thought out and isn’t just an emoji. Dr. Natalia on LinkedIn does well on comments because her

comments are always relevant to what the post is about and she sparks a conversation. Check

them out under her profile – activity.

4. Targeting: When you come on the platform, chances are you’re not going to attract everyone’s

attention. Make sure you play to an audience early. For example, I made my content

immediately relevant to college students (my early pieces of content were on finding your

passion, procrastination, time management, finding internships, etc).

5. Consistency: People want to follow people who won’t just surface on LinkedIn once every four

to five months. Once you start posting on LinkedIn, post consistently. It doesn’t mean you post

once a day or once every two days. Find what works for you but stick to it so people know

you’re here to stay and are more likely to connect with/follow you when they see the regular

content you are sharing.

6. Put article links in the first comment: When you’re sharing an article, put the link in the first

comment. This works for some people like Guy Kawasaki – play around with it and see if it works

for you.

7. Join the Campus Editor program: If you are a student (inflates your posts, you meet great

people and you get LinkedIn Premium for free)


This is the most important part of this document. At the end of the day, followers don’t mean anything if

you don’t have an active and engaged community that not only resonates with your content but

resonates with you. You won’t have to worry about the algorithm changing if you focus on building


Cultivate community by engaging with your community (comment back to people when they comment,

reply to people’s messages in your inbox, comment on other people’s posts, get on five minute calls

with people who repetitively show up in your comments, interview people doing big things in your

network). Also be resourceful (help people find jobs/internships and set up connections between people

in your network). Consider running giveaways and give away product for very little in return.

Best time to post on Linkedin

For me best time is work-days 08:00 to 9:20, 12:10, 20:40 (local time)

Best time to post on Linedin 2019 - Gugoslav

Credits for this to HubSpot




Most popular words:

  • How to
  • You need to
  • Why you should
  • Can learn from
  • The future of
  • Habits
  • Mistakes
  • Career
  • Successful
  • Leader of Leaders
  • Employess

Words Linkedin Gugoslav 2019 #121




Linkedin Numbers 2019


  • Before you get started, here is a cheat sheet of each area so you know up front how many characters or keystrokes each field allows. Letters, numbers, punctuation and spaces count towards character count.
  • Name:60 maximum characters.
  • Professional Headline:120 character limit.
  • Summary: 2,000 character limit.

Contact Info:

  • Website Anchor Text : 30 maximum characters.
  • Website URL : 256 maximum characters.
  • Phone number :25 maximum characters. Only your 1st degree connections
  • IM(Instant message): 25 maximum characters.
  • Address: 1000 maximum characters.


  • Company Name: 100 maximum characters.
  • Job Title:100 characters.
  • Position Description : 200 minimum and 2000 maximum characters.

Other Areas:

  • Personal Interests:1,000 Characters
  • Skills and Endorsements: You may add up to 25 skills using 61 characters per skill
  • LinkedIn Status Bar Update : You can use up to 700 characters unless you want to update your Twitter status at the same time. Twitter updates are limited to 140 characters. If you go over the 140-character limit, only the first 140 characters will be visible on Twitter.

Profil Optimisation:

  • Completeness.(Make it 100% Complete) Make sure that every section of your profile has been completed and that there are no blank spaces or obvious gaps. Your LinkedIn profile is your online resume, so treat it with the same level of seriousness you would your normal resume. Here’s what you need to have completed to have an ‘All-Star’ status:
  • You need to add your industry and location
  • A current position
  • Two past positions
  • Your education information
  • A minimum of three skills
  • At least 50 connections


Linkedin Content Creation 2019


  1. Informative content:

– Discussion questions (narrative followed with question that prompts audience to answer in the comments)

– Share article with original commentary (include excerpt from the article or takeaways from it)

– Share list of advice (ex. 5 ways to be balance your work and personal life) and then ask the audience what another item of the list should be (ex. what should #6 be?)

– Sharing your expertise in short form posts or videos (1-2 minutes, include subtitles, and keep it raw – not highly edited)

– Share questions on topics you don’t understand (ex. Can someone explain to me whether bitcoin is a bubble or not?) because it sparks good engagement in the comments.

2. Inspirational content: not the “just do it” type stuff.

– Feel good stories/videos (analyze Facebook or Instagram for viral videos/content and repurpose on LinkedIn – giving credit to original source)

– Interviewing people you know and sharing their story in a short form post with a photo of them. Even if you don’t know someone, share their inspiring quotes (ex. I love the wisdom Jay Shetty shares and I occasionally share quotes from him),

– Share videos (ex. I exported a Jack Ma video from YouTube and shared it on LinkedIn)

– Share their story (ex. talk about the Indian kid Google recently hired for a million dollars).

3. Personal anecdotes: share your journey – both ups and downs (i.e. speaking at events, going through a professional hurdle, reflect on a time when you got fired, reflect on a time you did well in an interview).

– Write it as if it’s a story and make sure to format the post so it’s easy to read and not just one big blob of text. This is the hardest type of content to create because you have to let your guard down, be 100% honest/vulnerable and share a story from your heart (both good and bad).

– Try to focus on providing lessons near the end of the story – so people aren’t just listening to your victories or failures but are actually taking something away from it (encourage them to comment their takeaway or if they’ve gone through something similar).

4. Articles: not doing very well on LinkedIn recently but still important to add in (at least 10 on your profile – improves your profile’s SEO).

– Try to keep your articles short, tag people in it and when sharing an article, make sure to paste it as a link but include a custom thumbnail because your thumbnail’s picture in a post will be grainy.

– Make articles your networking nexus – what I mean by that is if you want to network with people effectively, start an article series on LinkedIn and ask people you want to meet/do business with if you can interview them for it. 99% of people love talking about themselves. They’re more likely to accept an interview request than a 15 min coffee request.

5. Campaigns

– Set up a campaign around a social issue you are passionate about

– Get 3-4 other people and set up a posting schedule where you start the chain off with a video/post and include the hashtag to symbolize/organize the campaign.

– Then nominate 2-3 people (ideally your friends) and get them to post as well (and to tag 2-3 other people).

6. Updates: when a new LinkedIn feature comes out (ex. live video), test it out, and then share a review on it to your audience and ask for their opinion on the update. Content about LinkedIn shared on LinkedIn indexes really well and gets the attention of the LinkedIn team that can artificially inflate your posts.



This viral post drive huge traffic to my website in 1 day

[Guide] how I get 15+ milion of views on linkedin 2019
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[Guide] how I get 15+ milion of views on linkedin 2019
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